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DNS over HTTPS - Windows 11 (Native)


In Windows 11, DNS over HTTPS is supported natively by Windows, without the use of additional software.


1. Right click the Network or WiFi icon, and left click Network and Internet Settings windows11_https_1.png
2. Select "Ethernet" or "WiFi", depending on your connection type. windows11_https_2.png
3. Scroll down and click Edit next to DNS server assignment win11-0003.png
4. Make the following changes:
  • Change Automatic (DHCP) to Manual
  • Toggle the On switch to change the DNS server
  • Enter into Preferred DNS:
  • Set Preferred DNS encryption to Encrypted Only (DNS over HTTPS)
  • Enter into Alternate DNS:
  • Set Alternate DNS encryption to Encrypted Only (DNS over HTTPS)
    Note: if using a laptop that roams to other networks which may block DNS over HTTPS, consider choosing Encryption preferred, unencrypted allowed, instead of Encrypted Only.
  • Click Save
5. If using IPv6, which you can confirm here, you should also scroll down and set up Quad9 on IPv6.

Note: if Windows is not configured with an IPv6 address, setting up an IPv6 DNS server could cause DNS resolution to fail.
  1. Confirm that you're using Quad9