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DNSCrypt - Windows 10 (SimpleDNSCrypt)

Download the appropriate version of SimpleDNSCrypt : https://simplednscrypt.org/

Step 1

Install SimpleDNSCrypt after downloading. Windows10-step1.png

Step 2

Continue the install process.  Windows will ask you if you want this application to make changes to your system. Select yes.   Windows10-step2.png

Step 3

Turn on the DNSCrypt service.

Select the TLS and the other parameters you want to use from our servers, ie. IPv4. Only Servers without Filter should not be selected or Quad9 won't be listed. Select the Network Cards you want DNSCrypt to be active on.

Step 4

Select the Resolvers tab at the top.  Then scroll down and find the quad9 servers.  Select them and then when you apply settings the Automatic Mode will turn off. Windows10-step5.png

Step 5

If you would like logs of your DNS queries select the Query Log tab.  Turn on the Query Log.  From this same screen you can choose to block sites that have been looked up if you want to stop access to that site. Windows10-step6.png

For more info about DNScrypt: https://dnscrypt.info/