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Photo Nadia Alter

Nadia Alter

Chief Executive Officer

Photo John Todd

John Todd

Founder, General Manager

Photo Danielle Deibler

Danielle Deibler

Founder, Chief Security Officer

Photo Corey Mosher

Corey Mosher

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Photo Elizabeth Drumgoole

Elizabeth Drumgoole

Technical Support Engineer

Photo Zachary Gilman

Zachary Gilman

Technical Support Engineer

Photo Jeri McNeill

Jeri McNeill

Director of Provisioning

Photo Timo Koster

Timo Koster

Chief Strategy Officer

Photo Emilia Cebrat-Maslowski

Emilia Cebrat-Maslowski

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Extended Team

Photo Leo Vrana

Leo Vrana

Software Engineer

Photo Po Yuan (Paul) Su

Po Yuan (Paul) Su

Mobile Engineer

Photo Renee McLaughlin

Renee McLaughlin

Marketing Super Hero

Photo Sandoche Adittane

Sandoche Adittane

Web Engineer

Photo Nishal  Goburdhan

Nishal Goburdhan

PCH, Internet Infrastructure Analyst

Photo Michael Hausding

Michael Hausding

SWITCH - Supporter

Supporting Alumni

Photo Brian Wall

Brian Wall

Technical Support Engineer

Photo Greg Cockroft

Greg Cockroft

Senior Software Engineer

Photo Nick Saika

Nick Saika

Software Engineer

Photo Johan van Zantan

Johan van Zantan



Photo Gaël Hernandez

Gaël Hernandez

PCH, Director Edge Network Strategy and Planning

Photo Megan Schleifer

Megan Schleifer

Network Engineer

Photo Tony Hendrix

Tony Hendrix

Technical Support

Photo Buki Adeniji

Buki Adeniji

Operations Engineer