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DNS over TLS - macOS (Stubby)

Stubby is an application that ensures your DNS queries are encrypted between your device and Quad9 by using the DNS over TLS (DoT) protocol. 

More information about Stubby can be found on the DNS Privacy Daemon page.

Step 1 - Install

Install the latest version of Stubby for macOS: Stubby GUI for macOS

Depending on your Mac's security settings, you may receive an error when attempting to install Stubby as it is from an "unidentified developer." If you receive this error, select "OK" and then navigate to your System preferences.
Once you are in your System Preferences, navigate to Security & Privacy, ensure you are on the General tab, and then select "Open Anyway" for the StubbyManager.pkg. stubby_allowfromsettings_edited.png
You will receive one final prompt to confirm that you want to open "StubbyManager.pkg". Select "Open" and then you should be able to move forward with the traditional macOS installation process. stubby_confirmopen_edited.png

Step 2a - Manual Configuration

From the StubbyManager homepage, select "Advanced" to configure Stubby to use Quad9's servers. stubby_selectadvanced_edited.png
The "Advanced" button will open a configuration file. To enable the use of Quad9 servers, you will need to remove the comments (#) from before the Quad9's address data and tls_auth_name.  stubby_uncomment_edited.pngstubby_uncommentipv6_edited.png
You will also need to comment out the default test servers by adding the # symbol to the front of the lines containing their connection details. Comment_out_defaultscropped.png

Select "Save" followed by "Apply" to ensure your changes are saved. You are now configured to use Quad9 with Stubby.

Step 2b - Alternate Configuration

If you do not wish to manually edit Stubby's yml file yourself, we have a pre-configured file that you can use instead.

First, download our pre-configured file here: stubby.yml

MD5 checksum: c73d091a5529bf1c1dce9457dd995898 
SHA-1 checksum: 86e588905b293b42cc90a61f1a9220cebeee8235

Once you have downloaded the yml file, navigate to your Applications folder within Finder > Right-click on StubbyManager > and select "Show Package Contents." Rightclickedited.png
Now, replace the stubby.yml file located in the MacOS folder with the file downloaded above. replacefileedited.png

You are now configured to use Quad9 with Stubby.

For more information on configuring Stubby, visit the Configuring Stubby page.