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DNSCrypt - macOS (dnscrypt-proxy)

dnscrypt-proxy is an application for macOS that uses the DNSCrypt protocol to authenticate communication between your device and Quad9.

Step 1 - Install

Install the latest version of dnscrypt-proxy for macOS following these instructions: Installing dnscrypt-proxy on macOS

Step 2 - Configuration

Once you have dnyscrypt-proxy installed and working, you will then need to configure it to use Quad9's servers. To do this, you will need to edit the dnscrypt-prxy.toml file located in the dnscrypt-proxy folder. This file is automatically configured to pick working servers from a predefined list which contains Quad9 servers. To specify that you want to use Quad9, remove the # symbol from before server_names and enter a valid Quad9 server name. Specified_Server_Name_edited.png

Quad9's DNSCrypt server names can be found on our Quad9 IPs and Other Settings page.

Adding multiple Quad9 services is possible by simply comma separating the server names. Example:

server_names = ['quad9-dnscrypt-ip4-filter-pri', 'quad9-dnscrypt-ip6-filter-pri']

For more information on configuring dnscrypt-proxy for macOS: Configuring Sources