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How to Confirm You're Using Quad9 - Windows

You can visit a webpage, or use a name service lookup that you can do that will show you if your system is using Quad9. Below are instructions for confirming you are using Quad9 on Windows 10.


Open https://on.quad9.net - If you're using Quad9, you'll see a "YES" answer, or "NO" if not using Quad9. Screenshot-20.png


Open a Windows command prompt.

Right click on the Windows button at the bottom left of the screen, Select Run
Type cmd in the prompt, click OK. runCmd.png
A command window will come up looking like this:

Type or copy and paste this command into the command prompt window.

nslookup -q=txt -class=chaos id.server.on.quad9.net 
If you are connected to Quad9, you will see output similar to the following:

Note: You may see different information before quad9.net in the canonical name than what is shown in the above image such as res100.ord.on.quad9.net. The important thing is that you receive the results in this format ending in quad9.net
If you are not connected to Quad9, the lookup will fail like this:

Note: If you are not connected to Quad9, you will receive an error stating that your computer "can't find id.server.on.quad9.net"